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Tasty Brazil - The right snack for a fish crack

As you may already noticed, my roots are mixed. From my mothers side i was blessed with a beautiful afro-brazilian origin. Our kitchen is very complex and multifarious by its history of conquistadores and colonies and each region has its own manner to prepare typical brazilian dishes. Influenced by african, german, italian and portuguese immigrants, a new lifestyle was born.

Bolinhos de bacalhau are shortly said fried codfish/potatoe balls originally from Portugal and mainly served as snack or appetizer. You can get them almost everywhere in Brazil, even at the Copacabana beach and I highly recommend them after swimming. Wanna get a taste of it? Recipe's below!

**Bolinhos de bacalhau (for about 20 balls)**


400g codfish (skinned)

200g peeled potatoes

1 small onion

Salt, Pepper


1 egg

Start cooking the potatoes in water until they are soft and breakable. Then get rid of the water and squash the potatoes into mashed potatoes and put them aside.

In the meantime start washing the fish under lukewarm water to get rid of the salt since codfish is really salty and cut him into smaller pieces. Then let it cook in a pot covered in water on medium heat for 10 - 15 minutes. Then put the fish in a larger bowl aside and let it cool down a little.

Next step, pick the fish apart with your fingers, add the mashed potatoes, the parsley, the chopped onions and the egg yolk. Keep the egg white and beat it in another bowl until it's stiff. Then add it to the fish and mashed potatoes and be carefully while adding it. The 'dough' should remain thick. Mix it well.

Form small balls, roll each side in flour and let them fry for a short time in hot oil. First I would only try out one, to see if the heat is right. When the result is crispy outside and fluffy inside, you made everything right!

I truly hope that this recipe served you as an inspiration. And since i'm curious about your results, share your creations and experiences on social media and tag #boavidasoulfood

Have a blessed y'all!

Patricia <3

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