Eat more plants - Thoughts of a non-vegetarian

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Eating more plants is the most basic way to live lightly on earth, no studies needed. Seems like a logical fact to me and is a big topic nowadays, also in my journey of life. That's why I decided to thematize it on my blog.

We eat twice as much meat as we did 30 years ago say scientists. At this point, I would like to say that I'm still not 100% vegetarian and I still eat meat today because I always liked it and I'm of the opinion that a balanced nutrition is all what matters BUT reducing my meat consumption did not kill me and won't kill you either. Now how did I changed my consumption? First by finding new recipes as inspiration since i always gave my own kinda what to my meals and second, but this took me long, i started to try out meat imitations out of quorn and cauli flower that looked like chicken nuggets for example. And slowly you get more and more into it. The easiest meal to create for me out of plants was breakfast. You will find one idea with a yoghurt, just replace it with something you prefere when you are vegan. What really infected me about plant or fruit bowls i guess is the possibility to create a very color splashy look on your plate and when you aren't creative as some grammers are, you will find some bowl ideas right below in this blog post. Let's make it happen!

** The coconut bowl **

Vegan coconut yoghurt mixed with a drop of honey, topped with strawberries, hazelnut, cereals and flowers. Chia seeds on top of the toppings.

** The pink panther **

Strawberries and raspberries mixed, blended together, first create a lighter background through some powdered hazelnut, than top it with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, hazelnuts and half of a passion fruit.

** The blueberry yum gum **

Blueberries mixed only, topped with cereals, seeds of a small passion fruit and pomegranate.

** The lazy sunday **

Nature yoghurt mixed with a drop of honey, topped with my favorite cereals, strawberries once again, raspberries, hazelnut, sprinkled with chia seeds.

Why more people could eat when we eat less meat <3

One billion people go hungry everywhere, but food for livestock now consumes the majority of the world's crops. Considering that you get only one animal calorie out of 10 vegetable calories, it is also very easy to see that animal food leads to a tenfold higher area consumption than plants. And if the grain fed to animals in western countries were consumed directly by people in need, we could feed at least twice as many people on earth as we do now! As a consequence, no one in the world would have to go hungry!

-> Read here an interesting article on this topic on National Geographic. A five-step plan to feed the world.

In this sense, I'm really looking forward to present you guys in the following weeks more of my fresh and fruity self creations, vegetable pots and more to color up your life!

Stay tuned and eat plants <3

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