Whey Mug - No more cheating cake

Mug Cakes. How can you not fall in love with these little warm chocolate stories!

And what if you could eat it without having a bad conscience? I tell you, you will!

**Whey Mug Cake**

->for 1 Person


2 Tbsp almond flour

1 Tbsp chocolate whey protein

1 Tbsp cocoa powder (pure, no sugar)

1 Tsp stevia or honey

0.25 Tsp baking powder

20 g low fat curd cheese (Magerquark)

1 egg


Heat the oven to 175°

Blend the almond flower, whey powder, stevia/honey and the baking powder all in a cup. Add the low fat curd cheese and the egg and mix it into a dough.

Let the mug cake bake for about 15 minutes if you want to keep the center of the cake melty or 20 minutes if you you prefere it more baken.

Let the cup cool down in the fridge for some minutes. Add your favorite fruits or even peanutbutter if you like it salty. I usually put some raspberries on, peppermint leafes and sometimes a bit sugar powder for the gram.

Have a blessed y'all!

Patricia <3

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